Clubs, Sponsors, Sporting Associations and Retailers.

Who are our Customers?

Our clients are some of the largest names in sports and include Clubs, Sponsors, Sporting Associations and Retailers. 

Due to the sensitive nature of our transactions, we do not disclose exactly who our clients are.

However we have dealt with some the largest brands in sport, from Premier League football teams and international rugby federations though to some of the largest kit manufacturers in the market across multiple sports. We have also worked with major retailers not only in the UK but across the world.  



What are the benefits
of using our service? 

  • Offer headline grabbing prizes at a fraction of the cost
  • Increase sales and enjoy added PR 
  • Budget with certainty and normalise your P&L
  • Money paid directly into your account with no claims process
  • The ability to “mark to market” your risk on an ongoing basis
  • Allows you to compete with larger rival brands